Ini ialah transkrip enam muka perbualan di antara Ummi dengan Datuk Sng di kota London.

Ummi : Dia dengan PM eh........

Sng : Yes, he and PM quite close.

Ummi : Yes, very, very close.

Sng: He and PM is close. That too.

Ummi : Yes. He, Daim, Kuli, they cannot deny it. If they deny there is..

Sng : These three are the ones who specialise in these things …….

Ummi: I know, people left, .... he admitted evil , partly I thought that.

Sng : (tidak jelas)

Ummi : I said how come you ... loved to win, ...this is besides the point only ...But this is something, apa we are fighting against the nation. Even though I love to win but I don't like his boss, I said, I know I am close to your brother, that is besides, the point I said. But I hate your brother, to become the leader I said. I cannot accept him, no way. That is why I really have to come up with certain voters for … from 15,000 he voted I think 5,000, on his .. .lah the rest they shared out.

Sng : Among the two lah.

Sng : 5,000.

Ummi : But Rahim is involved in this case, the three of them, all the key people you know the main people

Sng : 5,000 what voted by..

Ummi : I think, 5 eachlah, 5, 5 first 15,000.

Sng : 5 eachlah (tidak jelas)

Ummi : Half a millionlah, half a million eachlah.

Ummi : Then the writer I don't know who paid the writer you know, the actual amount. But I know 1 million. I don.'t know whether it is from Tun or they shared.

Sng : Hold on. ...All right..

Sng: Maybe they share like thatlah...

Sng: (tidak jelas) Quite generouslah.

Ummi : Very generous.

Ummi : They are bloody rich eh. His house also ada lift, escalator you know inside the house. 5 tingkat!

Sng : 5 tingkat?

Ummi : 5 tingkat dekat Bukit Ledah..with escalator with lift inside the house.

Sng : (tidak jelas)

Ummi : But very nice chap, very nice chap.. I …Dato' you are very close to me I said No that one is besides the point. But I hate, that fellow to become the leaderlah. Of course I am close to .. I don't want Anwar, lbrahim to be our next future leader he said. No way he said. I promise to myself I promise to PM, this is my responsibility to kill his career. He said that you know that night, you were there also. I will kill his career. I know how to make, to make things happen. This people got money, ye Dato' ya. They don't care.

Sng : They can do anything one

Ummi : But when I ask Dato' he said… are you sure or not, take my word I will not ... PM. ..I heard the rumour that they might arrest you ... lodged a police report. We know how to handlelah.

Sng: (tidak jelas)

Ummi : They try to get me tak boleh dapat... Next time I ... (tidak jelas)

Ummi : Even though I am very close to his way. I will kill him you know. I promise. That is my promise to PM.

Ummi : Depan dia ha hah, hah hah (tidak jelas)

Sng : Depan, they.. they laugh, they laugh (tidak jelas)

Ummi : In front of Anwar they will also laugh (tidak jelas)

Ummi : He said to me I promise that I will kill this man. That is my duty.

Sng: In front of Anwar bagus betul. Bagus betul..

Ummi : I will kill him. That is my promise.

Ummi : Depan huhah, huhah

Woman : He said to me ....

Sng : As long as you are not involved you are not involved, we are happy.

Ummi : ... I got it 30 minutes ago from PM's department. From this man saying that, congratulations Encik Khalid, you have done a great job, go ahead waiting for the moment the eyes will see him in court and drag everybody in court. When the whole thing explodes the whole nation will know who is Anwar lbrahim. That is their intention. They are macam tebuanlah. I cakap ya. macam tu. Pow then! Cover, cover, everytime PM cover, cover and then close case kan? So this time PM said, let's fight in courtlah, let the nation know everythinglah. So, PM said to Khalid congratulations and they ask another forty copies to be sent to PM's office.

Sng: PM ask?

Ummi : PM's office. Another forty copies they want. At one time Anwar said I want to have court injunction to stop distribution and PM's office said ... another...(ketawa)

Sng : Mary!

Ummi: Habislah mati dia Anwarkan. Once PM dah tak tahan... Dia kata betul-betul, he said siapa buat, dia bertanggungjawablah. Dia tak kata oh saya akan mempertahankan you know my number two tak ada. You matilah. PM never said I will defend my number two man you know. He said siapa buat, dia bertanggungjawab.

Sng : That means what ?

Ummi : That you do it you responsible. Indirectly it's not comparable to ..lah. You done it you answerable to courtlah (tidak jelas)

Ummi : Siapa telephone?

Sng : PM ask or who ask? I

Woman : Of courselah PM ask them to call lah you now. If not Khalid dare notlah Dato'. Dare not to do such a .... call. ... And now, Khalid if you call, he sounds happy. I am Waiting at home for the police to arrest me. ..I am waiting at home according to Khalid. No one come and arrest me.

Sng : He cancel.

Ummi : Yes he cancel (tidak jelas).

Ummi : He is at home now laughing all the while. I said Abang Khalid how is it? Oh.. in fact Anwar takut dengan I. I tak takut. I am waiting at home he said. I am waiting at home For the police to arrest me you know he said. I am waiting for the moment. That is why he cancelled his trip to.. That shows he already got the assurance from PM you know. That no one will touch him. You know PM punya statement siapa buat dia bertanggungjawab. That means if you do it you are responsible.

Sng : (tidak jelas)

Ummi : Dia lepas tangan tahu.. He didn't say oh I will defend my number two you know. This is defamation, this is fitnah ke, he didn't say that. If you do it you are responsible. Baguslah.

Sng: Ready to fightlah.

Ummi : Ready to fightlah.

Sng: This Tun ah, Tun Daim ever meet with ... (tidak jelas)

Ummi : Yes, They meet up, must be lah. I don't know what's their conversation, but they meet uplah.

Smg : Itu hari, ke you ada cakap dia oang ada meeting satu kali bukan?

Ummi : Both of them pun ada ramai-ramai pun ada. But both of them pun ada (tidak jelas).

Sng : Tan Sri Khoo Khay Peng

Ummi : Who..

Sng : Itu Khoo Khay Peng

Ummi : Who?

Sng : Chinese

Ummi : Who is he?

Sng: (tidak jelas)

Sng : You sendiri mau jaga diri ah. Jangan cakap banyak.

Ummi : I don't want to get involved further. But as what ... cakap yesterday which is true to protect myself that is all ... you know. And to protect myself and to get benefit what I can get from these people who promise me.

Sng : Yah, that's right, that's right.

Ummi: That's all.

Sng : Your job has already finishlah, your job has already finish.

Ummi : Ya.. I am not going to proceed just to collect. How to collect that's all.

Sng : How to collect, I tell you how to collect, okay.